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By clicking "I Agree" below, I am acknowledging that I understand that I am bound by state and federal laws related to the confidentiality of client records, as proscribed in 42 C.F.R. Part 2. Specifically :
1. I assert that I have a right to review client information by virtue of :
           a) a need for the information in connection to my duty to deliver services to the client, or
           b) a consent formed signed by the client specifically identifying me as someone with a right to review such information, or
           c) both a need to know and a signed consent form, if required by law.
2. I understand that if my rights to this information have been granted by way of a consent form signed by the client, that I am only entitled to review the information specifically identified on the consent form.
3. I understand that as a recipient of client information that I am prohibited from re-disclosure of this information in accordance with state and federal confidentiality laws.
4. I understand that this information cannot be used to initiate or substantiate criminal charges against a client or to conduct an investigation of the client.
5. I understand that I shall be liable to TASC for any federal or state civil fines imposed by a court of law as a result of any violation, by me, of this agreement or state or federal confidentiality laws in relation to this agreement.
I Agree